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Frequently Asked Questions


Provided below is a list of Frequently asked questions about the Press Publisher Online Publishing System. This is not an exhaustive list so if you have additional questions, please contact us at 877-600-6110 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions in detail.

Can I use my own domain name on your publishing system?
Yes you can on any paid account. After you sign up let us know that you want to update your account with your domain name. We will give you the DNS settings to update your domain name with your registrar (the place you registered your domain name). Once you have made these changes, we will update your account on our server. You will then be able to see your magazine under your own domain name.
How long does it take to set my system up?
Your site will be set up immediately. You will receive and email with your login instructions. If you want a custom installation (Platinum Package with a Domain name) you have to modified your DNS (domain name servers) entries to point to our servers which once modified takes 48-72 hours, we can set up a standard template within 24 hours (newly registered domain names also take 48-72 hours to fully propagate over the entire Internet). Fully custom designed templates take longer and are a function of the complexity of the design (but usually within 2-3 weeks). But when you order a custom design, we will set up your system immediately (24 hours) so that you can start adding content to your website.
Can I host the system on my own server?
At this time we do not allow the system to be externally hosted. Due to the nature of file sharing on the internet, we are forced to take precautions to see that our software is protected. In addition, we can not generally provide support on an unknown server due to certain configurations that are required. But, we offer a vast array of hosting options to meet any business online needs.
Can I host my current website with you?
Yes you can.  Contact us for more details.
Can I customize the templates myself?
Yes you may. We generally would recommend that you allow us to do this for you since we cannot support any template modifications that you make. If you are familiar with Liquid Templates, HTML, and CSS you may of course make the modifications yourself. In your control panel you have access to all of the templates that make up your system.
Can I have Google Ads and Other Advertising to My System?
Absolutely. We have incorporated banner “blocks” for Google Ad Manager or Google Adsense into our service at for all users. To use this feature you will have to register with or Optionally, we can install a sophisticated banner management system that allows you to manage advertising through a user interface for an additional charge of $50 (installation fee).
What if I don’t like my system?
In the unlikely event that you do not like the system, we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all standard template setups. No refunds will be made for any custom design templates that are created by Press Publisher or any client template integrations.
What happens if you add new features? Do I get them?
All systems that are part of our shared service are upgraded immediately with any new features. Custom installations require a different process and is dependent on the level of customization done to your unique installation.
I don’t have a domain name; can you register one for us?
Yes, we can register one for you, but we recommend you take the time to register your name with . This provides you with more control over your domain name. Learn more here about using your own domain name with Press Publisher.
Do I need to have a domain name to use your system?
No. We can host you system under what is referred to as a “subdomain”. This would look like this: We cannot however offer you email with this service. Keep in mind, with any paid package, we can add your domain onto your system at no charge.
How do I adjust my images?
This is the hardest aspect of any online presence, but this should not intimidate you, as it is much easier than most people think. You will need some type of image editing software, but in all likelihood your digital camera came with basic software that will handle this for you. We recommend Picasa by Google to handle most of your needs. Our client tutorials section will provide complete instructions on how to edit and make the most of your photos and publishing system.