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Print Vs. Online


Print vs. Online

Many of the people who use Press Publisher began as print publishers (and most still are). Because they were new to online publishing, many of them approached us with honest questions and concerns about the viability of online publication as a business solution for their organizations. Since these issues need to be addressed, and because it’s a topic we at Press Publisher love to discuss, we’ve put into writing some of the important points regarding Print versus Online Publishing.

What are the benefits to publishing online rather than print?

  • Save you Money
  • Lower Production Cost
  • Cut out the costs of printing, including print materials and also manpower. Online publishing takes minimal staff and no supplies except your computer.
  • Printing costs limit the number of copies and even issues a publication can produce. By eliminating those costs, your number of issues, issue length, and audience are unlimited.
  • While the cost of print publishing rises, online publishing stays constant, and more importantly, low.

Eliminate Shipping and Mailing Costs

  • The shipping and mailing costs of print publishing can be exorbitant, and the overhead and management it takes to ensure that the publication arrives everywhere on time is enormous.
  • Publishing online eliminates all of these costs as well as the need for management of printing and arrival: you send it for free and it arrives at all its destinations at the same time, immediately, no sweat.

Other Resources, Time and People

  • Print publishing involves a time-consuming and complicated work flow, from writers to editors to typesetting to proofs to printing. All of these steps are automated in online publishing, so they are done instantaneously, without the need for a middleman.

Make You Money

A Wider Audience

  • With fewer printing and staffing costs and no mailing costs, you will be able to put your money where it counts and still reach a wider audience than ever possible with print.
  • Get your message and products out to more people and provide them with a convenient way to access and patronize your organization.

Advertising Development

  • Advertising revenues for online publications are very real, and growing.
  • Case in point: Google, the largest Internet company on the planet after Microsoft, whose entire revenue is derived from ads.

A Better Life Through Online Publishing


  • Don’t be constrained by office hours or rely on face-to-face meetings to get the work of publishing done. Compose, edit, and do all your work at any hour, on the fly, save changes, and communicate with your authors and editors online.
  • There are no space, length, or layout problems, so create your publication with freedom.
  • Many authors can easily work on a publication while you or your team oversee their results, so that the workload can be distributed among many without increasing the amount of time you need to spend on the product.
  • Achieve a highly professional publication design with no work on your part.
  • One mouse click makes an issue live.
  • It takes no technical knowledge to publish online.


  • Articles can appear under any or several headings, can appear in multiple issues, and automatically archived with no extra work.
  • Build your issues as you go, on your schedule, without making any of your progress visible to the public until you’re ready.
  • Easily change the look and feel of your publication.
  • Creating and managing columns, departments, calendar of events, photo album, PDF pages, and news mailings are all easily done with your system software.
  • Increase the content of your publication without changing anything from the publishing end to allow the publication to grow seamlessly along with your needs.

Other Considerations

Green Technology

  • Green technology often means spending extra money for small environmental gains that aren’t necessarily good from a business standpoint. But online publishing is one of the few places where you find that business interests and environmental interests are perfectly aligned. By cutting the need for paper and printing, you save money, reach a wider audience, gain access to larger possibilities for advertising, increase convenience and flexibility, while eliminating a huge source of waste and drastically reducing the amount of natural resources your publication uses.

Virtues of Print

  • There’s no denying there’s something satisfying about the feel of paper in the hands, and we hope books and printed publications will never go the way of the dinosaurs. But as a business, we understand the need for businesses to conserve resources as they maximize their intake and spread their message to the widest possible audience. That’s why we developed this system in the first place. We want people to use our online publishing system because it provides the solutions that their businesses need. And everyone flourishes.

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