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Private Label Reseller Program


If you are looking for a true Private Label Reseller Website Solution for your clients, this is it.  You can completely Private Label the entire Press Publisher System with you own identity and no-one will ever know we are part of the equation. What will it do for you?
  • You can price your own package levels (up to 4).
  • Provide your clients with a CMS privately labeled with your colors and logo.
  • The Press Publisher System can act as an online publication (periodical) or a Stand-Alone website.
  • No recurring fees or setup costs, only pay for the accounts you sell (your demo account is free).
  • Tiered discounts on all packages sold (up to 50% off advertised rates).
What do you need?
  • A PayPal Pro Account with Recurring Billing Option Enabled.
  • A domain to host your reseller system with us.
  • A marketing website to highlight and sell your online publishing system.
If you are interested in offering this solution to your clients as a product line extension, or just as a new service, email us today and have your own system up and running in no time.